Reporter by day, Catgirl extraordinaire by night


Scrit-Scrat (Angela Van Oevren)

  • AGI – d8
  • Smarts – d6
  • Spirit – d6
  • Strength – d6
  • Vigor – d6

Low-light Vision
Major Aquaphobe

hacking d4 stealth d8 fighting d8 shooting d4 Persuasion d6 Driving d4 Investigation d4 Lockpicking d6 Notice d6 Climbing d6

Titanium claws – gutterware – Str + d4 + AP2 (if hit with raise, add d12 dmg and ap 3); -4 to cybertrauma
Monofilament whip – Sttr +d8 + 3; AP2
Executive Design Vest (3/2)
2 stim patches, 2 stun patches
Comscience SCT data transmitter (for the right scoop!)
Mosquito Handgun (RoF 4, AP 2, Full Auto, 2d4) (15/30/45)
Climbing gear
Brand new Anna Artesia t-shirt and CD (Signed CD!)

1600 cred (but owe 1100 to Fallout!)


Angela Van Oevren was bred to be famous.

Her mother was an actress who just couldn’t act while her father was a gambling addict who wasted whatever money Mommy brought home. They worked out that a one time payment for gene splicing could potentially bring back a winfall if their daughter could hit it big. Daddy liked to roll the dice.

The splicing went well and Angela grew to be a beautiful young woman. The plan was to start as a low level reporter, to enhance her stage presence, and then to work some low level films if she could act, move up in the media if she couldn’t. Angela took these lessons well and was becoming a local darling on the news scene, and then she saw Viper.

Viper was a smalltime runner making a small time theft, but for Angela, it was big. It was a path to freedom, to excitement, to chaos. Instead of the rules she had been conditioned to follow, running was free-form, improvisation, wildness… through Viper, she met Blackhawk and through Blackhawk, she got more jobs and made more friends.

Viper left, but Angela met Fallout, who she felt a connection to, and Bob, who might be the coolest guy she’s ever seen. Together, they’ve done a few small jobs, but she knows they can hit it big. Angela might not be as famous as she thought she would, but Skrit-Scrat will be a star


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